Erasmus + Gençlik Programı - İşsizlikle İlgili Eğitim Kursu Fırsatı

05 Mayı 2016




Son başvuru tarihi 1 Haziran olan uluslararası eğitim kursuna Türkiye'den iki kişi seçilecektir,yaş sınırı olmayan projeye başvuru için uluslararası ilişkiler ofisinden destek alabilirsiniz.

Deadline: 1 June 2016
Open to: youth workers, youth leaders from Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic, Spain, Turkey
Venue: 4-12 September 2016, Dobrá Voda, Slovak Republic


“New Perspective on Employability” is innovative training course for those who want to increase chances of young people on the labor market. You will explore how to support young people on their journey using coaching methods.

New Perspective on Employability is designed for people who are ready to learn, explore, discover and develop their skills and will be able to use it later in their jobs and communities.

The program will develop skills needed in order to support young people and their entrepreneurial spirit. Participants will have the opportunity to experience work on a project and also being supported by coaching methods. Participants will also practice coaching to support others.
We will work on all important employability skills through experiential exercises. And we will experience it all in meeting with local community.


Youth workers, Trainers, Youth leaders, Teachers, Social workers and people who work with young unemployed people from Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic, Spain, Turkey. 


Travel costs will be refunded after the end of the course, after providing all the original tickets and receipts. They will cover 100% of you actual expenses, but only up to the maximum amounts. Food and accommodation will be fully covered by the organisers. There is participation fee in a range of EUR 20-50.

How to apply?

Make a short video. In the video, please:

  • Introduce yourself (what do you do, your hobbies, your background, connection to training);
  • Tell your motivation to participate.

The video should be longer than 30 seconds and shorter than 3 minutes. The content of the video matters, not the quality. Please send your video to [email protected] with the subject of the email YOUR COUNTRY-YOUR NAME.

After sending the video, please complete the online application form. Deadline for applying is 1 June 2016.

For more information please check the official call.